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There are several different methods of moulding, but generally the master is moulded by a block mould, which is done by covering the entire sculpture in a block of rubber the sculpture is then removed and the mould is then filled with resin, there are then several casts made which are polished up and these become the masters.


It is from these masters

that the skin moulds are made, this is done by creating a wall all around the centre of the sculpture and painting the surface and the wall with several layers of silicone rubber, of top of the rubber fibre glass is laid then the wall is removed and the same is done to the other half of the sculpture. Skin moulds are generally used for high production and anything from 30-100 casts can be made from such moulds. I usually mould my own products but when I don't I have time I use Lakeland Mouldings in Penrith and when abroad they are made at  which ever factory i am working at.

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