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There are several different ways to cast, for casting out of  block moulds the resin has to be vacumized and all the air removed before pouring into the mould, for skin casting the mould is left open and the inside of the mould is painted with resin, after the desired thickness is achieved a bead of resin is placed around the edge of the negative of the figure and the two half's of the mould are placed together and then filled with resin, if a hollow cast is required the amount of resin added is less than is needed to fill the mould and the mould is then rolled around while the resin sets all around the inside creating a hollow centre.


The casts are then ‘’fettled’’ around the edges removing all the seam lines and all the holes are filled with resin, they are then polished all over with wet and dry paper until the cast is perfect and ready for painting.

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